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I am fully committed to Pro-Life principles and priorities. If elected, I look forward to proudly carrying this banner to the Texas Senate. I am proud to have the endorsement of Texas Right to Life in my bid for TX Senate in SD 30.
Pro-Life principles are of utmost importance and the lives of the unborn should be vigilantly defended.

I am fully committed to Pro-Life principles and priorities.  If elected, I look forward to proudly carrying this banner to the Texas Senate. Not only have our friends and neighbors here in SD30 seen how serious I am in this pledge, but so have statewide Pro-Life leaders. I’m proud to say my campaign is endorsed by Texas Right to Life.

While the outright legality of abortion must first be decided by the US Supreme Court before individual states can pass measures banning the practice, there are still steps to be taken to reduce its frequency.  Texas has great informed consent laws in place that require women seeking abortions to have full information before them about the decision they are about to make, including the associated health risks and available alternatives. Additionally, a sonogram must first be performed and that a minor seeking an abortion must first gain their parents’ consent.  I support all Texans having full information on this matter so that they can understand the gravity of the decision they are about to make.

A Pro-Life Commitment.

As your State Senator, I will adamantly oppose any attempts to weaken or strike down Texas’ informed consent laws.  Further, I will work to continue the legislature’s efforts to de-fund organizations and clinics that perform abortions.

Texas must also continue to see and provide viable alternatives to abortion for citizens who would otherwise choose to end the life of their child, such as our Baby Moses Project.  Created in 1999, this first in the nation program has helped almost 100 women with unwanted pregnancies in Texas find a positive resolution for both them and their child.  The program has since been imitated in all states and, if elected, I look forward to helping identify the next innovative alternatives that will save the lives of innocent children here in Texas.

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