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How many of you are sick and tired of politicians saying one thing during an election cycle but doing the exact opposite when they’re legislating?! This is precisely why I’m running to unseat a 16 year incumbent in the Texas Senate. He does just that. AND HERE IS THE PROOF… Last night when I heard that a San Francisco jury acquitted the murderer (an illegal immigrant who had been on the streets because of CA’s sanctuary cities policy) of Kate Steinle, I made the post pictured below because I was furious at this travesty of justice. It’s a farce. Thing is, my record backs up my rhetoric. I have ALWAYS supported banning sanctuary cities here in Texas, filed the bill twice, co-sponsored the one that passed in 2017 and also filed a bill to revoke in-state tuition for illegals 4 times.

36 minutes AFTER I made my post, suddenly the 16-year incumbent makes a similar FB post and in it claims he’s opposed to sanctuary cities and takes credit for the ban passed in 2017. He then PAID TO SPONSOR THE AD on social media. And I have to be honest, that really ticked me off. Here’s why: We could have passed the ban on sanctuary cities 2 years earlier but two Republicans in the senate killed the bill. My opponent was one of the two that joined all the Democrats to kill it!!! He then went on to call it a ‘Nazi show me your papers’ law! (It wasn’t, incidentally, as SB 185 (2015) had protections written into the bill that ensured race, religion and language couldn’t be used to inquire as to the immigration status of an individual). He then went on to say that he strongly supports the illegal benefit of in-state tuition for foreigners here unlawfully. He hasn’t changed his position on that yet, but that’s almost assuredly coming.


Now folks say lots of things during an election cycle. Especially when they hire high dollar consultants who twist things and sometimes outright fabricate accusations. That’s NOT the case here. The photos here at this link tell the tale: His post 30 minutes after my post and excerpts from the article written in 2015 are very different. That article proves my opponent (Estes) did indeed: 1. Join all the Democrats to kill the ban on sanctuary in Texas 2. Used insulting, inaccurate and racially charged liberal and leftist rhetoric by claiming it was a ‘Nazi’ law 3. Reaffirm his decades long SUPPORT of in-state tuition for illegals 4. Claimed last night he was tough on illegal immigration Words are cheap. Actions speak volumes. Please LIKE and SHARE this post far and wide. Let’s DRAIN THE SWAMP in Austin and elect authentic conservatives who have a record that backs up their words!


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