A tale of two campaigns

There are candidates and government officials who stick to their word and there are those who don’t. There are candidates that look to the people they hope to represent for guidance on how to govern and fight for what is best in their District and then there are candidates who are only interested in finding sponsors for their own agenda and lifestyle.

My campaign looks very different from that of my opponent. He promised us that he would run a “grassroots campaign” and represent SD 30 – take a look at the images below. You’ll see where he spends his time and who funds his campaign.


I went to 5 cities in our district yesterday and had tough conversations with my fellow Texans here in Senate District 30 about real issues and the type of legislation and Conservative activism that are desperately needed in the Texas Senate. Our current Senator was dining for dollars in the home of an Austin lobbyist. That’s what happens when you live off of their patronage for nearly two decades I guess…


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